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Saving Money On Energy

When I became a landlord, I was focused on lowering my costs as much as possible. I did my research and discovered that one of the best ways to do that would be to invest in higher-quality electronics that didn't consume as much power. I was really impressed with a few of the appliances on the market, and so I invested in them for my apartment building. After tenants moved in, they offered a lot of compliments for how well their appliances were working. It was awesome to see myself saving so much money on something that would otherwise go down the drain. Check out this blog for much more information on energy and environmentally-friendly practices.


Saving Money On Energy

4 Beginner Tips For Designing Your Backyard Landscape

Lucas Lopez

If you have a relatively bare backyard, you might be considering different ways to design it. However, if you don't have much experience with landscape design, it can be a little overwhelming. Here are some basic tips to help get you started with the design process.

Know The Landscape Design Elements

To start with, get an idea for the different elements involved in landscape design. This helps you to have a better plan for how the backyard will look, instead of just haphazardly adding plants and raised garden beds wherever you like. Some important elements to choose include the texture, color, scale, line, and form. These elements can be used in hardscaping and softscaping and allow for a more balanced landscape design. If you don't focus on scale, for example, all your plants and bushes might be around the same size, which doesn't offer the balance you need in a good backyard design.

Choose a Focal Point

You also need to have a main focal point or even multiple focal points in the backyard. Finding your focal points gives you a good place to start with the landscape design. When deciding on focal points, think of where the eye will go first when someone walks into the backyard. You might already have these elements, or you may need to add them in. If your backyard has a large willow tree or a pond in it already, those are probably going to be focal points. However, if it is completely bare, you can choose a water feature, fire element, plant, or tree that will become the main focal point and then design around it.

Consider Both Function and Style

Instead of just focusing on how the new backyard will look, the design should also incorporate function and practicality. Don't go too formal with your design, as it is hard to keep up with. Think about ways to make it more functional, such as making sure there is enough room around corners for equipment like lawn mowers to get through. Have areas that are pet and kid-friendly, where there aren't constant thorns and spiky cacti everywhere.

Go For Low-Maintenance Plants

If you want a beautiful backyard, but don't have much extra time for upkeep, consider some low-maintenance options. Have sod or artificial grass installed instead of trying to grow grass from seed. Choose plants and flowers that tend to be a little less maintenance, such as those that require less watering and less pruning. 

For assistance, talk to a professional like Joshua Tree & Landscape Co.